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Jesus said "Beware of when people speak well of you, as their fathers did to the false prophets." What does that mean? 1. False Prophets tell people what they want to hear! Preach and 'prophesy' to people`s lusts, cravings, desires, and egos [pride ]. 2. Won`t Preach stuff that will upset people [generally ], sin in people`s lives. 3. Want to be well liked and feel important. That is where they get THEIR reward. They are on a "ego-trip". 4. 'Prophesy' their own opinions. "For they prophesy a vision of their own heart, Saith Yahweh, I didn`t command them. I didn`t authorize them or send them. They presume to speak for Me, in my Name." Just because someone CALLS themselves a Prophet, does not mean they ARE one! Just like every prophecy isn`t ALWAYS from God! We are told to "Judge". 1 Cor. 14:29. "Let 2 or 3 of the prophets speak, and the rest judge." That word "judge" in the Greek, means, "To discern, to decide [if it`s from God], to scrutinize." Also, "Don`t believe every spirit brethern, but TEST THE SPIRITS whether they are from God or not." A False Prophet will tell you what you WANT to hear, a True Prophet will tell you what you NEED to hear! Food For Thought! False prophets look and sound alot like True prophets. The Counterfeit Prophetic looks alot like the Authentic at times! Yeshua`s first words in talking about the end of days, just before His return were "Watch out. Don`t let anyone deceive you [by being spiritually gullible or foolish]. There will be many claiming to be Messiah [Christ]... and MANY false prophets doing signs and wonders..." [Mark 13:5 and verse 22] "Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, didn`t we prophesy in your name, drive out demons, and do many wonderful things? I will say to them, depart from me, you doers of evil and iniquity, I never knew you!" [Matt. 7: 21-23]
There`s 3 major things I look at with "Prophets". Perhaps there are more factors, but these are the top 3.
1. Doctrinally. Is what this prophet/person - teaching/preaching/prophecies line up with the Word of God? Or are they promoting their own "special" or "secret" revelations, previously not heard of, or taught, in Traditional, Historical, Christianity? A True Prophet will NOT be promoting Fase Doctrine! Do their prophecies not come to pass? Are they given to Coveteousness [which is a form of Idolotry]? Are they oftentimes promoting their own "spiritual experiences"? Instead of pointing people back to the Word of God, and to their relationship with El Shaddai?
2. Fruit. "...You will know them [false prophets] by their fruits" Are they producing "fruit of the Holy Spirit" [exhibiting Christlikeness]? Are they living the Christian Life? Are Christian morals/beliefs/teachings being reflected in their daily life? One possible warning sign of a false prophet, is, they get defensive, hostile, and act dictatorial when someone asks them questions. In other words, do they act like "How DARE you question me? I`m a prophet of God!"
3. Are they involved with the occult/new age practices? For example, tarot cards, foretunetelling [psychics], divination [Ouija boards], Yoga, Reiki, Wicca, horoscopes, mediums, etc. YHVH strongly condemns such practices in the Tanakh (O.T.) To all "The Jesus People" out there, Blessings in YHVH our Yeshuah!


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In Deut 13: 1-5, the scriptures talk about if the prophecy does NOT come to pass, you are a false prophet. OR, even if the prophecy does come to pass, but the prophet leads people into Idolatry [other gods - false gods], they are a false prophet.This would include someone like the false prophet William Branham. He gave prophecies & teachings denying the trinity. On that point alone makes him a false prophet, let alone his other false teachings. A True Prophet will not be promoting False Doctrine. Let me explain, someone like that was talking about another type of Yahweh, NOT the biblical God. Not the God of the bible. Mr. Branham was promoting another corrupted version of God. Not the God that the bible teaches! He was leading people in to Idolatry - false gods - other gods, NOT the God of the bible! This is just one example on how to apply that passage in Deut 13: 1-5. Just like the God of the Mormons is Not the God of the bible, but a false god, another type of god(s). Which makes Joseph Smith a false prophet as well! I hope that helps to understand that point! William Branham also taught, he was Elijah, he was around when John the Baptist & Moses lived. That the Pyramids, and the Zodiac are equal in authority to the scriptures. That Jesus did not claim to be the Son of God, and the list goes on...

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