Tuesday, January 16, 2007


There`s a time to talk to God in prayer, and there`s a time to be quiet and listen! People may not realize this, but, just being Quiet, [with a prayerful posture of the heart, and your mind on God], is, and can be, a form of praying. That`s when I get a deeper of revelation/understanding of spiritual things, and of Yahweh, is when I`m quiet! "Be still, and Know the I am God" & "Your strength lies in Quietness and Trust"! I have taught a class named quiet time, for different churches, and community education. The importance of quietness in your prayer life, and its benefits in your daily life. I start out by saying, if you want a deeper, more spiritual walk with Yahweh our Elohim, quiet time is the "doorway" you have to walk through. You won`t get it any other way! Even Y`shua often practiced quiet time and solitude in His prayer life! How much more so us?!
1. Relaxes and Calms. Too much stress doesn`t allow us to Relax and Recharge! Stress is a poison and toxin, over a prolonged period of time, to our emotional & physical well being! Reflection. REST in God`s presence, and practice the presence of El Shaddai! 2. Increases listening "power", and patience. Content just to be quiet. Also disciplines the tongue! 3. Helps control the tongue - [like fasting shows alot of food is unnecessary]! 4. HEAR God`s voice better! 5. Focus and Concentrate better! 6. Creates fertile ground for reflection and mental contemplation! 7. Silence is Real! Helps you stay in touch with what`s real. 8. Increase Awareness and Observation. Pickup on subtle nuances in life, others and self. 9. Quietness is a tool for repentance! Alot of people have little or no self-awareness. They continue to repeat wrong behaviour over and over! 10. Truth - Teller! Most people get VERY uneasy when alone, in quietness for a long period of time. You come face to face with who you REALLY are, and what`s going on inside you! Tranquility - to have it on the inside, you have to surround yourself with it on the outside! Internal "noise" and clutter, clouds your perception, and ability to see things clearly. [A good read is "Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life" Chapter 10 by, Donald Whitney.] In Y`shua, Shalom, Tom W.


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