Tuesday, January 16, 2007


1.Wrapped up with self. Self-absorbed. 2. "Content to be Complacent" Saith Yahweh. Apathy. Indifference. Little concern for others. 3. Content to read about, talk about, and do bible studies the rest of their lives about the power of God, for example. Instead of having a burning desire and passion to walk in the power, presence and person of God - Yahweh. 4. Come to church to get their "little blessing", and then go home! 5. Denominations, division, discord, disharmony, disunity, dissention in the Body of Messiah. And no one sees anything wrong with it. 6. Proud. Instead of saying "we`re rich and need of nothing". They say "We`re just fine the way we are Yahweh, leave us alone!" 7. Little or no Outreach Ministry. 8. Little or no fellowship and support for hurting/struggling Christians. 9. Because of Pride, little or no Soul Searching. 10. Another name for lukewarmness is wishy washy and half heartedness. 11. Apathy and Indifference to unrighteousness in peoples` lives [the society and culture]. 12. Feeble prayer life. 13. Church is a social club! 14. Lack of witnessing.
Also, oftentimes Lukewarm Christians are backslidden, date, or worse yet, marry unbelievers, divorce, involved with porn, getting drunk, walk around with resentment and hard feelings [which is an unforgiving attitude], have worldy values, any number of things... Food For Thought! In YHVH our Yeshuah, Tom.


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