Tuesday, January 16, 2007


IT`S THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS [BIRTH PANGS] Greetings in Y`shua! "Thus saith Yahweh, a word for ALL believers in this country U.S.A. and other developed countries - believers are in for a RUDE AWAKENING! God is going to allow trials, tribulations, hardships, difficulties, pain and persecution, to force His born-again children to grow up already!" [From approx. 2000/2001]
The Bride of Christ, generally speaking is, and has been, lukewarm for quite some time! To put it in today`s language what the lukewarm church was saying "We`re rich and need of nothing..." Is, "We`re not perfect perhaps Yahweh, but we`re fine the way we are, leave us alone!" What`s going to happen to believers if persecution, difficulties, hardships, trials & tribulations that happens in other countries, happens here? People are being MURDERED for their Faith, tortured, put in prison, [like in China for example], mutilated, beaten, sometimes beaten to death, sexual assaults, etc. Would Christians fall apart, or walk away from God? Food for Thought!


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