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Shalom everyone! I`m DEEPLY offended at some of these TV Preachers preaching a "Gospel of Greed of Money and Materialism". People like Tilton and Murdock for example, and Others. How often do hear any of these people Preach a Salvation Message? Or Repentance? And then how often do you hear them preach about Money and Materialism, and their personal wealth and possessions? What happened to Y`shua`s word "You Cannot Serve God and Mammon. Either you will love the one, and hate the other"? Mr. Murdock, 2007 Labor day, on Daystar said, "Your faith can create any kind of future you want". This is not biblical faith. Biblical faith is believing & trusting God and obedient actions to His teachings, God is not your "sugardaddy in the sky"!
"Give to Get"! Send us a "seed offering" for your healing. Send us a "firstfruits offering" so God can bless you! So many times they Link sending in Money to their ministry to get healing, blessing, the anointing, miracles, etc. I don`t see Jesus saying to anyone 'give me money' to get a healing, a miracle, whatever.
It`s interesting that Apostles Paul & Peter doesn`t talk about tithes. They talk about "gifts" or [freewill] "offerings"! Preachers talk about Abraham and his tithe. His tithe was a one time deal and he gave from the spoils of war! It was not 10% of all his possesions! [There is a reference in the book of Hebrews that says that!] The scripture reference in Malachai is just reiterating the Mosaic covenant! [Bible scholars tell us tithes, were actually a form of 'religious taxation' and more like 20%!] Jacob`s tithe was a one time event as well. Also, an important point most people miss is Yahweh made provisions [exceptions] for poor people, and those in extreme poverty, in giving of gifts & offerings. They weren`t required to give the "Full" tithe/offering! People need to study the Word of God for themselves.
For example, "30,60, 100 fold" [Luke 8:11-15]. Jesus TOLD us the "seed", for the "Sower and the Seed", is THE WORD OF GOD! It has nothing to do with Money! Money is not even mentioned in the passage. It has to do with producing fruit of the Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit] or Christlikeness in the "soil" - peoples` lives! As for the "100 fold" heresy - "give a dollar and you will get a hundredfold in return!" - false teaching [Mark 10:28-30]. Again it has nothing to do with Money. Money is not even mentioned in the passage. What the passage is talking about is, if you have "LEFT brothers, sisters, family, lands..." [like missionaries do for example], for the preaching of the Gospel, God will reward you in other ways. In Deut 28, Blessings is the RESULT of Obedience. Benefits & Blessings of God should not be an end in itself - what you can get from God! Some preachers are perverting the meaning of God`s Word. Oral Roberts started this "seed-faith" theology false teaching with his false 'vision' of Jesus. Your giving should be out of a motive of wanting to be a Blessing to others, NOT "to get something" from God!
Christians may oftentimes be successful in their earthly endeavors, but God has not promised this to us. In fact, many of the greatest men and women of faith were total failures in the world's eyes (cf. Heb. 11:35-40). Worldly success may be a byproduct of obedience to God, but it should never be our primary goal.
We are told that "though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich" (2 Cor. 8:9).

How do the "Money Preachers" explain Rom. 15:26; 1 Cor. 16:1-4; and Gal. 2:10? The believers at Jerusalem were notoriously poor! Did the Jewish Apostles and believers misunderstand Jesus` teachings?! Hey! Oftentimes believers in other countries are in poverty because of persecution! Not because of lack of faith or misunderstanding God`s Word! Finally, we don`t have Men or Women of God, we have instead, TV preacher celebrities/movie stars! How many TV preachers preach on sin in the Body of Messiah?


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While I`m thinking about it, someone I knew from a former church I used to attend, another mature Christian brother told me that he went to a church that Mr. Murdock was putting on a service. Anyways, I guess they put out a large empty trash can and Mr. Murdock told everybody to put their checks or money in that trash can! Outrageous! That Christian brother told me, he got up and walked out, he was so upset! And made the statement as he was walking out, "This is not of God"! My feelings exactly. Unreal. T

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And for another matter. I have watched Richard Roberts say "Send in your $100.00 "seed faith" gift, and God will multiply it back to you, 30, 60, or a 100 fold". This is another blatant misrepresentation of the "Sower and the Seed" biblical passage. That passage has nothing to do with either getting money from God, or sending money to a ministry! T

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What is "Simony"...
Trying to purchase or sell sacred or holy things. Like "indulgences" in the Roman Church. Or, trying to purchase influence or favors from God. It`s taken from Acts, Simon Magnus the sorcerer who tried to purchase the [power] of the Holy Spirit. And was rebuked.
I watched Benny Hinn last night. He had on someone by the name of Todd Coontz [right spelling?], and he said, God spoke to him [if you can believe that!], "I declare, I decree 3 things, you will have triple favor from God, supernatural debt freedom, and millionare status. So send in your $1000.00 "seed faith gift" money gift, for your healing of family, finances, etc. Within in 24 hours you should expect a miracle..." He sounds like a false teacher Mike Murdock clone! I even watched Murdock on INSP with David Cerullo last night too. He said asked Oral Roberts [with his 900 foot statue of Jesus ' vision'] what was the most important thing he has learned. Oral replied "seed faith'! And of course Mr. Murdock said, "God is impressed with money seed, I don`t know why..." Oral Roberts started this "seed-faith" theology false teaching with his false 'vision' of Jesus. Your motive in giving is to be a Blessing to others, NOT "to get something" from God!
So you give your "seed faith" gift [money, it has to be money now! You just can`t put in a simple prayer request for healing, a miracle, whatever!] a mission, with expectation, so God will honor your faith... I don`t see Yeshua or the Apostles telling people "give me a money offering" to get healing, a miracle, whatever! The N.C. message is about Sin, Repentance, Redemption & Salvation. And the person & ministry of Jesus Christ! Not a "gospel" of perfect health, material wealth & happiness!
It`s interesting that some of these tv preacher "movie stars" always reduce everything to money. Give us money. It seems they reduce almost every biblical passage, the bible, and Christianity in general, to money, give us - the ministry - money. It`s an outrage. You should really call what some of these preachers are preaching is a "gospel of money" or, better yet, a "gospel of greed"! Some have even have talked about a "money revival"... [And that would include Rod Parsley in that group.] I just wonder when the church is going to WAKE UP already! A minister "is NOT to be given to Coveteousness" which is a form of Idolatry - Col 3:5! And living an extravagent lavish lifestyle at the expense of so many people. It reminds me of the scripture, "The Pharisees derided Yeshua because thet were coveteous or [lovers of money]..."!
I`d like these "money preachers" to explain 1 Cor 16: 1-4; Gal 2:10; and Rom 15:26! The church at Jerusalem had a reputation for being notoriously poor because of persecution!
Read the bible intself and find out what the first century church went through. Instead of listening to a preachers personal thoughts & opinions. It`s an outrage, the outright fraud & misrepresentation of the scriptures for personal greedy gain. In Y`shua, Tom.

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