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Yes, God does give believers dreams and visions for today - Acts chapter 2. What concerns me is I`ve watched as 2 different people 2 different days on the "Joni" show on Daystar talk about "dream interpretation". God does NOT give every believer dreams and visions all the time. Just like spiritual gifts 1 Cor. 12:29. Look in the bible, did every believer in the N.T. get dreams and visions all the time? No. You have to distinguish between 'human dreams' [which are not supernatural revelations from God], and Dreams [which are night visions, that happen when you are sleeping], and Visions from God. What concerns me is you`re getting into that area known as "New Age" and the Occult. Dream interpretation has been around for thousands of years in the occult. The danger is, a person could start putting their trust and faith in their own personal spiritual experiences ['voice' of the Holy Spirit, human dreams, etc.], and open themselves up to possible Spiritual Deception. Instead of putting their trust and faith in YHVH. Put your Faith in God, if he wants to give you a dream [night vision] or vision, that`s entirely up to Him! I`ve had only 3 visions in my entire Christian walk. And I`ve been saved for 30 yrs! And supposed to be His mouthpiece! My 'human dreams' are very vivid and in color. But they were not supernatural revelations from God. The purpose of 'human dreams', which everyone has, is, to try and deal with issues in one`s life. That`s how God created the human psyche [soulish realm]. You just know when you get a dream or vision from God, [it will line up with biblical teachings and principles], it`s just too real. You just KNOW. If you`re not 100% positive, it probably was not from God. Blessings in Y`shua, Tom.


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Shalom everyone. I`m very concerned with some of the stuff I see on Christian TV. On a couple of episodes of "It`s Supernatural", Sid Roth had a few different guests talking about the Ministry of Angels being "restored" [like it ever went away in the first place!] Here are some of the quotes when offering some of their teaching books. "How to communicate with your angels". "How to be aware of and cooperate with your angels". "How to receive dreams & visions from God", etc.
First of all, Angels take their orders directly from God. They don`t do our bidding on demand, for anything, anytime. True, they are fellow servants! Fellow servants of Yahweh. They serve God, not us.
Writing about angels and other spiritual experiences, including "Dream Journaling", is very popular with alot of "New Age" authors. Where emphasis is placed on following one`s "own personal spiritual experiences". We are not to follow after angels and having "spiritual experiences". The Danger is, one could possibly open themselves up to spiritual deception and demonic influence. The bible nowhere teaches we are to chase after Angels. We are to have our Faith in God, and to follow Him. There is an old pentecostal saying, "Don`t seek the gifts [gifts of the spirit as and end in themslves] but seek the Giver of the Gifts - Jesus"! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be spiritual, just not at the expense of sound doctrine. There has to be balance there. Sound doctrine is given to us to protect us! [Assuming one is willing to follow it and put it into practice!]Just because a "Christian" has a teaching book out, does not mean it`s Christian/scriptural/biblical in its teaching. Perhaps they are just offering their personal ideas that are not scriptural.
Yeshua made an interesting comment, "A wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign [miracles]..." Some things to think about. www.letusreason.org may also have more information on this issue. In Y`shua, Tom.

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