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1. Take your time - no rush. 2. Think about what you`re reading. 3. Pray God will show you what HE means. 4. Want to know the Truth! NOT reading into the Word your personal opinions or ideas. What you want the bible to say. Or, taking a verse and lifting it our of context to promote your own agenda - your own ideas. It`s not any ministry, or any denominations bible. It`s God`s Word. His Word.
1. Context of the passage. The ENTIRE passage surrounding the Verse.
2. Word useage and their meaning. The Greek or Hebrew words.
3. Cultural & historical context will shed light on the meaning of a passage. The Hebrew & Greek culture, it`s a different culture, time period, language, etc. The N.T. was written in the common Greek language, but with Jewish Religious thinking, theology, customs, beliefs and practices in mind. NOT with the Greek Worldview! Essentially, the N.T. is a Jewish document! Put yourself there when reading, think and pray for God to help you to understand. It will come alive to you! Read & Study the Entire N.T. If you just read "pieces" that`s all you will get. You have to read the everything to get the Total Picture! Just like if it were a jigsaw puzzle! [Read the O.T. too.] I would recommend 2 or 3 different study bibles. And 3 or 4 different translations. [And at least one word for word translation like NKJV.] Don`t gullibly accept everything a study bible or commentary says. A lot of times they`re right, but not always. Sometimes they are giving you their personal opinion or idea.
Doctrine, Teaching, Lifestyle. It all goes Together! If you don`t understand - "table it". Put it on the shelf for the time being. Learning is a lifelong process! It doesn`t happen immediately. Sometimes it has taken me months or years to fully understand something. Don`t take 1 scripture verse and make a doctrine out of it. You need at least 3 or More different passages. Look at what OTHER passages say about the topic you`re looking at! So many born-again believers are biblically illiterate! By doing so, people are opening themselves up to being spiritually vulnerable & possible spiritual deception [false doctrine and teaching], and tossed to & fro on the sea of life without guidance or direction. Finally, I personally don`t follow a denomination or particular ministry. I follow YHVH - Yeshua! I hope this helps people out there in Blogland! Blessings in Y`shua, Tom Workman

Shalom everyone! I will list, and then go on to explain them. 1. Natural [or general] Revelation [Rom 1 :19-20; 2 :14-15]. God the creator has used His creation to teach me. For example: Seeing Beauty, Prayerful Quietness and Waiting on God! 2. The word of God, obviously! It surprises me how biblically illiterate many Christians are. They will read books ABOUT the bible, but not the word itself, or they read just "small pieces" here and there! By doing so, one is leaving themself open to being spiritually vulnerable and/or open to possible spiritual deception [false doctrine and teaching]. Such a person will be "tossed to and fro on the sea of life" without guidance or direction. In fact. Torah - " The Law" - really means Teachings or Instructions [although we are not under "The Law"]! 3. Spiritual gifts. Prophecy for example, "but if All prophesy and an unbeliever walks in, the secrets of their heart are laid bare, and they will be convicted by all and judged by all. And he will say God is really among you!" You also have Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, etc. 4. The Peace of the Ruach HaKodesh - Holy Spirit. I believe it`s Col 3: 15. "And the Peace of God will guard or rule your hearts". The Greek word for guard or rule, means "to act as an umpire"! When there is a peace Deep inside your spirit, That`s the Holy Spirit`s confirmation about something, even if the outward circumstances at times say otherwise! When you are Troubled deep inside your spirit, God is trying to tell you something is Wrong! I would also include in this "those who are led by the Ruach Elohim - [Spirit of God] are sons of God"! 5. Circumstances [God will sometimes 'close the door' on a situation if it`s not His will], even Suffering can teach you alot about yourself, how weak you really are, and what you and your faith is REALLY is made of! God definitely has your Undivided Attention [perhaps that`s His purpose]! Read Heb 12: 5-12. "God rebukes disciplines, even punishes those He loves!" James and Peter also make reference to "partaking of His sufferings", "don`t be surprised by the fiery trials you are going through, as something strange is happening...." and other passages as well [like Rom. 5: 3-5]. Suffering can "Teach" you Humility [like Paul`s "thorn in the flesh"], or to develop compassion in you for suffering people! 6. The Counsel from other believers! How about common sense too! 7. Practice. "They have their senses trained through reason of use..." This is just an abbreviated teaching. I hope it helps! In Y`shua, Tom Workman


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Shalom. Subjective interpretation is where everyone sits around and says "I think the bible passage is saying this..." or, "I think it`s saying that...". Everyone giving their personal ideas & opinions.
Objective interpretation is trying to find out what the author meant & intended!
The thought, idea or principle being conveyed to us.
We have too much of this - subjective interpretation - opinions, in the church today. It`s no wonder we have so much doctrinal error and false teaching around! Personally, I couldn`t care less what your personal opinions or ideas are. Or, mine for that matter!
I believe it`s 1 Pet 1:20 says "...no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation". Another way to express what that verse is saying is, "...no prophecy of scripture [that is to say scripture which is prophetic by nature, i.e. speaking for God] is open to someone`s personal ideas or opinions". Some things to think about. T

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It reminds me of a statement a lady made to me "I don`t literally believe in the bible" [ in other words, you can interpret it any way you want to]. My reply was, "If that`s true, and I didn`t say that it is true, but if it were true, you can interpret the bible any way you want, you might as well throw that bible in the garbage, because it would be worthless!" She was not a happy camper to say the least! Hey!
The purpose of this blog post is to emphasize "...rightly dividing, interpretating and applying the word of truth." 2 Tim 2:15

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