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"And He has appointed some to be Apostles, Prophets..." [Eph. 4:11]
The Hebrew noun translated "seer" - ro'eh, means to be able to see into the spiritual realm and foresee future events. Also the spiritual reality, in contrast to the outward appearance of things. Another word for seer, hozeh, indicates the prophet received dreams, visions and revelations from YHVH to convey spiritual realities to God`s people.
Navi or nabi is the main Hebrew word for prophet, and literally means, "one who is called by God" - Yahweh. The Greek word prophetes means "one who speaks on behalf of another".
Basically a prophet is God`s spiritually mature spokesperson!
We are to TEST prophets and their prophecies. Whether it was in the Tanakh [O.T.], Deut. 13:1-5; 18:10-11; 18:20-22; and Jer. 23:9-27. Or now in the B' rit Chadashah [N.T.] 1 Cor. 14:29; 1 John 4:1.
The biggest difference between the O.T. & N.T. prophet is, God has diversified the position in the Tanakh [O.T.], into the 5 fold Ministry Leadership gifts/offices in the B' rit Chadashah [N.T.]
Some good study notes are found in "Life in the Spirit Study Bible", under "Articles", "The Prophet in the Old Testament"!

Statements of Faith:

1. The Bible. All scripture is inspired by God. 2 Tim 3:16
2. Salvation. Is a gift through faith. You cannot earn it or merit it. Eph 2:8-9
3. Jesus. Yeshua [Jesus] claimed to be God in the flesh. "Before Abraham was, I AM." John 8:58
He forgave sin, Luke 7:48. Accepted worship, Matt 14:33. Only way to God John 14:6, 8:24. Yeshua also said he was the Messiah.
4. Redemption. "Without shedding of blood, there is no remission or forgiveness of sin." Lev 17:11, Heb 9:22.
5. Propitiation. Jesus is our propitiation 1 John 2:2.
6. Eternal Punishment. Rev 20: 11-15.
7. Faith. Biblical faith is trusting and believing God, dedicating your life to Him, and obedient actions to His teachings. Hab 2:4, Jas 2:18.
8. Repentance or Teshuvah.

9. Trinity. There are 3 persons in the One True God. Co-equal, co-eternal. The common Hebrew word for God, Elohim is itself plural in form. Plural verbs are sometimes employed with the name Elohim, as in Gen 20:13. Plural pronouns are at times used by God when referring to Himself, as in Gen 1:26; 3:22. Eccl 12:1, "Creator" is a plural form. Is 54:5 "Maker" & "Husband" are plural forms. The word in the Sh' ma [Deut 6:4] - echad, allows for plurality or diversity within oneness. Gen 2:24.
For more information, answers Jewish questions. Look under "Answers" at the top of their homepage.
10. Born-again Jn 3: 1-15 where you become a "new creation" [2 Cor 5 :17], which is supernatural regeneration at the moment of salvation/conversion. And is a prophetic fulfillment of Ezekiel 36: 24-28 "...and I will give them a new heart and spirit and put MY spirit within them..."!

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Blogger tomjworkman said...

Here are some of my reasons why I feel so strongly about being involved in the ministry of Christian Apologetics.

Peoples` spiritual lives and personal lives and faith in God are being destroyed at times by the fraud and misrepresentation of God`s Word.

False doctrine & teaching is a form of spiritual deception.

The Ruach HaKodesh [Holy Spirit] is not going to lead a person into Doctrinal Error. Neither is He going to be indifferent to the issue of doctrinal error either.

Being involved in, or helping to promote to others, false doctrine/teaching, is Blatant sin before Yahweh. This is a very serious issue before God.

Part of the job description and responsibility of the Church is to defend the Faith against false doctrine & teaching. And to Rebuke false prophets, false teachers, false apostles and false messiahs. T

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Blogger tomjworkman said...

The Sacred Name
Shalom to everyone. I would like to submit my thoughts on the tetragrammaton. There is some teaching error there. The 4 Hebrew letters, God`s Name - YHVH - Yahweh, I`ve been told appears 6,823 times in the Tanakh. It`s interesting that John P. did NOT mention verse 15. Verse 14 it`s a contracted form, first person, masculine and singular. Verse 15 it`s the Full form, third person, masculine, singular.
It`s odd that in verse 13 Moses asks “…what is His name? What shall I tell them?” Then Yahweh answers him and tells him his name in verse 15 “…Yahweh has sent me to you… This is my name forevermore, a memorial for all generations.” The Hebrew word for memorial means “to make mention of, and a remembrance of”. It`s kind of strange that Moses asks his name, God answers him, but were not supposed to say it! At least according to you.
My point is, if that`s YOUR personal conscience and convictions, fine, just don`t impose it on the rest of us. Don`t impose your rabbinic human tradition on the rest of us! It`s also interesting the Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis on his Jewish Voice program has said there is no biblical prohibition in using that name. And there isn`t one either. And please don`t say were not sure how it`s supposed to be pronounced anyway. If you YOU don`t know one way or the other, how it`s supposed to be pronounced, how can you presume to tell anyone one way or the other. My Jewish commentary says the sound of the name in verse 15 represents “breath and wind”. Food for thought!

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Blogger tomjworkman said...

Happy 60th Anniversary - Independence Day, Israel! Of all the nations in the region, Israel is perhaps our best friend and ally. It`s the only true Democracy in the region. Of all places on planet earth, Eretz-Israel, the land of Israel, is the only piece of property given to a group of people, the Jewish People, by YHVH Himself by covenant and promise. They have a biblical right to the land. All those places in the bible exist today, or did exist at one time! And they have a historical right to the land as well! Of all lands, Israel is the only place on earth the Jewish people can call their homeland! You have always had a Jewish presence there, for thousands of years, even during the Diaspora. The first and second temple and Jews living there is a matter of historical record! And you have never had an official nation/state Palestine governed by Palestinians. It was ruled alternatively by Rome, Islamic and Christian Crusaders, by the Ottoman Empire, and briefly by the British after World War I. For more in depth articles, go to "Jewish Voice Today" magazine, March/April 2006 issue! Remember, "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you..." Blessings in Yeshua, Thomas J. Workman

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Blogger tomjworkman said...

In Deut 13: 1-5, the scriptures talk about if the prophecy does NOT come to pass, you are a false prophet. OR, even if the prophecy does come to pass, but the prophet leads people into Idolatry [other gods - false gods], they are a false prophet.This would include someone like the false prophet William Branham. He gave prophecies & teachings denying the trinity. On that point alone makes him a false prophet, let alone his other false teachings. A True Prophet will not be promoting False Doctrine. Let me explain, someone like that was talking about another type of Yahweh, NOT the biblical God. Not the God of the bible. Mr. Branham was promoting another corrupted version of God. Not the God that the bible teaches! He was leading people in to Idolatry - false gods - other gods, NOT the God of the bible! This is just one example on how to apply that passage in Deut 13: 1-5. Just like the God of the Mormons is Not the God of the bible, but a false god, another type of god(s). Which makes Joseph Smith a false prophet as well! I hope that helps to understand that point! William Branham also taught, he was Elijah, he was around when John the Baptist & Moses lived. That the Pyramids, and the Zodiac are equal in authority to the scriptures. That Jesus did not claim to be the Son of God, and the list goes on...

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Blogger tomjworkman said...

Shalom everyone. Moms & Dads out there, how many times do you tell your children that you love them? It seems like the only time Moms & Dads say anything to their children, is when they want them to do something, a chore or whatever, complain about something wrong in their lives, or to criticize them. I know when I was growing up, that was true for me. To treat your children like your personal house servants or something. Your children are viewed as a "disruption" or an inconvenience of your life & plans, rather than a blessing from God. Uninterested & Uninvolved in their lives - their interests, and them as human beings. And you wonder why so many young people, ages 18-21 walk away from Church & Christianity. They are thinking and feeling, "the church people really don`t care about me, in fact, my parents don`t really love or care about me, for me...", and, "Christianity, I don`t see any relevance of it, to either me or my life". And then they proceed to get involved with other things.
Parents, you need to treat your Children as gifts from God to you! Because they are! And tell them that you love them, care about them, and appreciate them at least a couple times a week, maybe more! "I Love you son or daughter, I appreciate and love you. Just wanted to let you know...!"
On a slightly different note, it seems like the unbelieving society and culture has more influence and impact on the Church, than the other way around, the church affecting and impacting our society and culture. Our society & culture is one of Hedonism ["lovers of pleasure, self-gratification, rather than lovers of God..."] and Narcism ["In the last days, people will be lovers of self..."]. Self-centered, self-absorbed, self "fulfillment", self promotion "what I think, what I want to say, how I want to live my life...!" And the 'disease' of "Affluenza", [a money and materalistic oriented society and culture]. Moms and Dads, if these things are describing you, you need to repent and apologize to your children. Some things to think about. In Y`shua, Tom.

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Blogger tomjworkman said...

Remember improper attitudes or motives can be sin before Yahweh.
1. Fear. If you are living your life in fear & worry, then you are not living your life in faith. There are scripture verses in the Old & New Testaments that say, "Do not be afraid". If you are living your life in fear, what you`re saying by your life is, you really don`t believe God!
2. Unforgivesness, resentment, hard feelings, etc. "If you don`t forgive others, my Father will not forgive you!" That`s a strong biblical statement! Forgivesness - having a forgiving attitude, actually helps us most of all! God will eventually deal with the other person`s wrongdoing. So don`t worry about that!
3. Hatred. "Whoever has hatred in their heart is already guilty of murder." Think about it! Behaviour is a physical manifestation of attitudes!
4. Motives, which is why people do things. "Don`t be like the Pharisees that make long loud prayers in order to be seen by people. Behold, they have already have received their reward!" They are not really doing it for God, they are really doing it for self-exaltation!
5. Unbelief. Christians can be guilty of this too. They really don`t want to know biblical truth, they would rather go on their personal thoughts and false opinions. And for unbelievers, "...for this reason God will send them strong delusion to believe the lie... because they will not receive knowledge of the truth..."
6. Arrogant self-importance, pride and stubborness. People like this are more concerned about promoting themselves and what they want to say, than listening to others. Pride & stubborness go hand in hand. If you see one sinful attitude, you are going to see the other! Pride is an overly inflated [false] opinion of oneself! The scripture "stubborness is as sinful as iniquity..." People like this are unrepentant, tend to be judgemental, faultfinders, cold & unloving. Someone who has an arrogant self-important attitude think thay are God`s gift to planet earth! And will not receive rebuke, reproof or correction, or will not do any soul searching. And this includes ministry leaders at times.
[This not an exhaustive teaching on this subject by any means!]

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