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Calling the Body of Messiah to:
1. A Call to Holiness in Peoples` lives.
2. A Call to Biblical Purity. Stop interpretating and applying the bible, the Word of God, any way a person wants to! A Return to Sound Doctrine.
3. A Call to Repentance. Judgement FIRST starts at the House of God! Read ALL my other posts for a well rounded view. Like the prophet wannabees - false prophets on the elijahlist. Some, even quite a few, are proponents of the "Latter Rain" Heresy teachings. Go to, and on his website, there`s a web search option. Type in "The New Order of the Latter Rain". And it will give you an outline of what the "latter rain" teachings are. Preaching & 'prophesying' what people want to hear! Read Jer. chapter 23 Ezek. chapter 13. In fact, do an in depth study of false prophets sometime, it`s very interesting! There are some very serious things - Sin that needs to be addressed in the Body of Messiah [Christ]. "Thus saith Yahweh, Judgement first starts at MY House, with My people who calls themselves by My name. NOT with the World and Unbelievers", and, "Turn your laughter into mourning, and your joy into sorrow saith Yahweh" Isn`t it interesting that Rev. chapters 2 & 3, God first talks about His judgements, concerning His people - believers, before talking about pouring out His Judgement on the Unbelieving World?! Think about it! We have too much of a Christian Culture of following people, personalities and personal spiritual experiences. So many remind me of being tv preacher celebrities or "movie stars". They don`t preach on Sin, Blatant Sin, in the Body of Messiah. For example: The Faith Movement / Faith Theology Heresies, the prophet wannabees - false prophets on the ElijahList [quite a few are proponents of the "latter rain" teachings heresy], the extravagent lavish lifestyles of some tv preachers, Lukewarm Christians, Divisiveness in the Body of Messiah, False Doctrine & Teaching, Pride & Stubborness, and so on. Part of the responsibility, also, of being a Christian "Leader", is speaking out against things that are not right, whether it`s within the church or without.
Is 30:10 "Who say to the seers, "Do not see," And to the prophets, "Do not prophesy to us right things [don`t preach to us about sin in our lives]; Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits. [Tell us what we want to hear - nice things! Not God`s truth!]"

The Coming Judgement, starting with the Household of God. The Greatest Sin, the ROOT Sin of the church today is, the sin of Pride & Stubborness. You can`t tell people nothing, when they think they have all the answers! Or especially, when confronted with sin, or they are just wrong! Invariably, it seems like people react at times either snotty & sarcastic, defensive & hostile, rationalize & justify, or are in complete denial. Remember, just having an improper attitude or motive can be sin before Yahweh. There is so much false teaching [and other things - sin] in the body of Messiah today, and very few people see anything wrong with it. It seems like churches just want to have a "Jesus Party". Preach stuff that "will make us feel good"! No one wants to listen to a message of sin & repentance, that the church itself needs to hear! Look up how many times the word rebuke for example, in a Strong`s concordance and how it it relates to Christians! Tell us about the blessings & benefits of God. But we don`t want to hear about the responsibilities & requirements of what it means to be a Christian! I wouldn`t be doing my job if I didn`t warn people about the coming judgement, starting with the Household of Faith. It`s already started, it`s already here, saith Yahweh. In Y`shua, Tom

Speaking of repentance, here is a "letter of repentance" to the Jewish people. There was an article in "Jewish Voice Today" ( a Messianic Jewish Ministry) - "Evangelical Christians from around the world have presented a "letter of repentance" to the Jewish people, expressing remorse for Christian persecution throughout history, during a ceremony at the Knesset (Israel`s parliament). It acknowledged crimes commited against the Jewish people throughout history in the name of Christianity. "We have sinned against God and against you." The letter continued, "May God grant you the ability to forgive us and may we be brothers and sisters again."
The event was the first in a series of celebrations due to be held in the 40th anniversary of the return of Jerusalem to the Jewish people."
As a Gentile believer and follower of Yeshua HaMashiach, I fully applaud that "letter of repentance" to the Jewish people. It`s long overdue! For me personally, I`ve always had a deep love for the Jewish people and the nation Israel. Israel is their homeland; given to them by God - Yahweh by covenant and promise. Blessings in Y`shua

"Son of man, your people are whispering behind your back. They talk about you in their houses and whisper about you at the doors, saying, 'Come on, let's have some fun! Let's go hear the prophet tell us what the LORD is saying!' So they come pretending to be sincere and sit before you listening. But they have no intention of doing what I tell them. They express love with their mouths, but their hearts seek only after money. You are very entertaining to them, like someone who sings love songs with a beautiful voice or plays fine music on an instrument. They hear what you say, but they don't do it! But when all these terrible things happen to them, as they certainly will, then they will know a prophet has been among them." [Ezekiel 33:30-33 NLT. Also read Is 30:10] They treated it as Entertainment! Because they wanted Entertainment! They didn`t want the true Word of God! It reminds me of believers today! We have tv preacher "movie stars"! How many of them preach on Sin in the Body of Messiah? Everything is always WONDERFUL! You Never see anyone Challenge and Question someone`s doctrine, teaching or lifestyle, if it`s biblically right or not. It makes me wonder... In Yeshua, Tom.

Shalom everyone. Is Yahweh concerned on how we treat His creation? The answer is unequivocally, yes. God the Creator is concerned on how we treat His creation. And get away from the 'disease' known as "Affluenza" [a money & materialistic oriented society & culture]. It`s a no-brainer. It`s just called good stewardship! Yahweh is concerned about other societal issues, such as caring for "the poor the orphans and the widows" and "loving justice and righteousness" [not having graft, greed and corruption]. To me this issue is just common sense. In the Garden of Eden, they were to "tend" the garden, basically act as caretakers! We, as a species, have raped this planet. Used, misused and abused what God has given us. There is nothing wrong with reduce, recycle and reuse. There is nothing wrong with treating this planet, His creation, with respect. As long people don`t make nature, His creation, a god, goddess, or a religion. I have always had a love, respect and appreciation for the beauty of His creation. Even in its fallen form, there is still a great deal of beauty to be seen. T


Blogger tomjworkman said...

Christians need to realize the Spiritual condition, health and well being of the entire Body of Messiah has been negatively influenced and affected by various sins in the church. Treating the Bride of Christ [believers] as a single spiritual organism. Which it is.

We live in a time of unparalled spiritual deception, attacks against our faith, within & without the church. The "antidote" or Defense is called the Ministry of Christian Apologetics! Which I have been involved with my entire Christian experience - 30 yrs. now. Alot of Christians do not want to hear about all the false doctrine & teaching in the church today. God`s people have to realize that being involved yourself personally, and/or helping to promote, false doctrine & teaching to other people is Blatant Sin before Yahweh.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Debra Cyrus said...

I feel that as Christians we must get back to what is truely the word. Not interputations to meet the needs of those to profit for themselves but to serve the Lord!

It saddens me to know so many never heard about our Saviour within are own country, state, or neighborhoods. Sometimes, I am beyound words/ speachless on how the Word is introduced! Not alone that people do not know that they too can be saved! There is something more powerful than any one thing a man can imagine and that is the Love of the son of God!

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Blogger 2WiseGuys said...

Where have you been. I have not seen you on MyChurch for a while. Been coming back here to see if you had posted anything new.

6:35 PM  
Blogger 2WiseGuys said...

Write me back on MyChurch, or my email.

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